EV’s only contribute to CO2-reduction if electricity is renewable

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For battery electric vehicles to provide a climate change mitigation alternative to traditional fuel vehicles, they must have lower lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions. The battery electric vehicles production phase is more carbon‑intensive than that of traditional vehicles, but battery electric vehicles can compensate for the higher production emissions through lower use phase emissions. These are the results …

IPIC 2018: 5th International Physical Internet Conference in Groningen (NL)

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The International Physical Internet Conference 2018 from June 18-22 in Groningen (NL) aims to provide an open forum for researchers, industry representatives, government officials and citizens to together explore, discuss, introduce leading edge concepts, methodologies, recent projects, technological advancements, start-up for Physical Internet implementation.

TPR Antwerps (B) developed last mile cost model


The last mile segment is by far the most dynamic one of a total logistics chain, from both a market perspective and a process perspective. TPR Antwerps research concerning last mile logistics started with the analysis of the B2C market and with the development of the last mile typology, based on desk research.

DHL: 95% of companies do not realize full benefits of digitalization technologies


Next-generation robotics, AI, AVs, blockchain, big data analytics and sensors are just some of the technologies disrupting the traditional supply chain. DHL launched its latest research report on digitalization in the supply chain. The report reveals that new technologies and solutions are developing at a fast-pace and disrupting industries on multiple fronts, with supply chains …