Buyzet: smarter public procurement for zero emission urban freight.


The past few months the cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, and Rotterdam were discussing potential zero-emission delivery options with regional suppliers in their selected priority areas within the Buyzet project. All three cities are exploring how they can encourage craftsmen employed to work in city-owned facilities to switch to zero-emission vehicles or find other ways to …

Can BIM support construction logistics?

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been hailed as a revolutionary technology and information management process that facilitates collaboration and more efficient design and construction processes through innovative 3D modeling software, open access to information and multidisciplinary integration.

Deliveroo: from dark stores to dark kitchens?


The Guardian reports: “As appetite grows for upmarket takeaways, delivery service is setting restaurants up with satellite kitchens inside metal boxes. Deliveroo in London is setting-up dozens of “dark kitchens” in prefabricated structures for restaurants that want to expand their businesses without opening expensive high street premises”.

Lessons learned from common carrier lockers systems in Seattle (US)

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As more delivery vehicles come into our city streets cities are looking for solutions to reduce freight-related congestion and improve the use of commercial load/unload zones. Among the possible solutions are common carrier locker systems (CCLS). The concept behind CCLS is to create the density that will allow carriers to leave parcels in one single secure, accessible area in …