Smart loading zones in Barcelona (ES)

In 2015 Barcelona introduced regulated areas for Distribució Urbana de Mercaderies (DUM) areas for loading and unloading. Following the success of the pilot scheme in Passeig de Gràcia, the rest of the city got DUMs for the loading and unloading of goods. The designation of 9,000 parking places as DUM areas aims to update and improve the management of loading/unloading zones, helping them to be used properly and also increasing mobility and building in mobile phone technology solutions. An estimated 45,000 parking manoeuvres take place in these zones each day.

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The use of parking disks will no longer be valid and drivers will have to use the DUM app or SMS to be able to park. A total of 2,500 vertical DUM signs will be installed across the city.

The free DUM app is available for Android and iPhone devices, and includes a system of warnings to help drivers avoid fines. To use the app, registration is required using a smart phone or the web. When parking, the user has to input the vehicle number plate and the app will identify the vehicle’s exact location.
Next, an information screen with details about the time slots and conditions for the zone will appear and the user can park. When leaving, the user must choose the ‘end parking’ option.

The app represents a step towards the concept of smart city via the use of new technologies. The roll out of the DUM areas comes within the framework of the urban freight plans and aims to improve the urban distribution of goods thanks to more efficient management of loading and unloading practices in the city.

Source: Barcelona

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