Successful test of ALEES – Autonomous Logistics Electric EntitieS for city distribution

The delivery and supply of goods to city centers for retailers, restaurants and private recipients is a growing business field for logistics service providers. Electrically-automated vehicles offer the potential to make freight transport and delivery more environmentally friendly and dynamic and increase the level of service for customers.

In the joint project “ALEES – Autonomous Logistics Electric EntitieS for city distribution” with the Vlaams Instituut voor de Logistiek (VIL) based in Antwerp (B), Fraunhofer IML developed possible applications and use cases of electrically-automated vehicles as well as technical framework conditions and carried out first tests in Mechelen (B).
Fraunhofer IML focused on the development of the necessary interfaces and communication infrastructures, technical applicability and integration of the vehicles into urban logistics.

Source: Fraunhofer

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