KoMoDo project in Berlin (D) testing collaborative micro hub for cargo bikes

The KoMoDo roject in Berlin is an effort from the city of Berlin to take a step forward in making city logistics more city friendly. KoMoDo comes from ‘Kooperative Nutzung von Mikrodepots’. And, it’s all about collaboration.

But to make cycle logistics work the cargo bike has to get the stuff from somewhere in the neighbourhood, as it does not have the speed capabilities nor cargo capacity to get it directly from the goods hub, which is usually out of town.

The solution in the KoMoDo project is that the city provides a number of shipping containers, all stationary placed in one central point in the city. These are supplied with parcels by larger vehicles from different parcel operators; Hermes, DHL, DPD, UPS and GLS. Cargo bikes then arrive at the shipping container for loading and then do the last mile delivery. The pilot will continu for one year.

A more distributed micro hub solution that also capitalizes on the possibilities of containerization would be more productive for the carriers, and would benefit all delivery companies providing last mile delivery, not only large parcel operators. Berlin ImagineCargo will introduce an open terminal platform for Berlin.

Source: KoMoDo

Photo credits: Ralph Ruhmeier/City of Berlin

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