City logistics during HVTT conference in Rotterdam (NL) in October, 2018

Technological innovations to tackle challenges in city logistics are being developed, tested and applied all over the world. A clash between fast changes and slow structures per square meter. During the Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology Conference in Rotterdam (NL), October 2-5, 2018 the second day will focus on city logistics.

On October 3, André Snoeck from the MIT Megacity Logistics Lab in the United States, and Ian Wainwright, former head of Freight & Fleet Programs, Transport for London, currently he is an independent consultant at Future City Logistics, will explain the latest state of affairs.
This plenary session is under the inspiring leadership of Walther Ploos van Amstel. Professor City Logistics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

City logistics is important for the vitality of cities

Clean and sustainable cities are appealing places to live, work, enjoy life, and invest in. Walther Ploos van Amstel: “Every day, trucks and delivery vans drive by my house in Amsterdam to deliver fresh fish and packages from web stores, they arrive with construction materials, and they pick up lots and lots of garbage. It’s a wonderful sight if you enjoy transport as much as I do. My neighbors aren’t quite as excited about transport, however. They complain about the air quality, road safety, and congestion in the neighborhood. Even local business owners complain. City logistics is important for the vitality of cities. It ensures that restaurants can serve their guests, that stores can offer the very latest products and that buildings can be renovated without delays. As customer demands evolve, city logistics is becoming more and more finely meshed and more often just-in-time. Truck technology for city logistics needs to become smarter, cleaner, quieter, smaller and safer”.

For more information about the conference, click here.

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