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Integrating logistics into urban planning: best practices from Paris and Rotterdam

Cities worldwide are rethinking their mobility policies in light of environmental and quality-of-life objectives. As space is one of cities’ scarcest resources, mobility’s spatial footprint is increasingly scrutinized as an externality to mitigate. Like passenger transport, goods transport will shift towards efficient and zero-emission mobilities. Proximity logistics The logistics sector requires space to unload, cross-dock, …

Rotterdam (NL) students present results of LEFV-pilot

From September 2019 up to and including January 2020, students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences provided the last mile for HoReCa establishments in the inner city of Rotterdam and Schiedam under the name HR Cargo for logistics service provider Nedcargo. The results of a first pilot in 2018 led to an expansion of HR …

Rotterdam (NL): 010 City Logistics initiative

The Dutch city of Rotterdam’s economy is growing. However, a healthy economy means more pressure on city traffic and air quality. The government and the private sector have joined forces under the name 010 City Logistics to implement sustainable solutions that improve both air quality and mobility within the Rotterdam inner city.