EU best practices in construction consolidation centers

The European project SUCCESSSustainable Urban Consolidation CentrES for conStruction – delivered a report on business models for construction consolidation centers. This report is very useful to organise suitable Business Models for the implementation of logistics hubs for city logistics by the construction industry.

The objective of this research is to set a framework for the development and analysis of business models for Construction Consolidation Centres (CCC). Several business models have been developed considering the needs and characteristics of the different pilot cities evaluated in the SUCCESS project: Paris, Luxemburg, Verona and Valencia.
The methodology proposed for the development of business models can be easily adapted to any city wanting to assess the possible implementation of a Construction Consolidation Centre to improve its urban logistics.

Under this framework, the process and the methodology that has been followed in the research was:

  1. Identification of different experiences in UCC’s and CCC’s
  2. Elaborate a state of the art in UCC’s and CCC’s with their most relevantinformation.
  3. Elaborate a preliminary analysis of the experiences inUCC’s and CCC’s (SWOT Analysis).
  4. Definition of the general features of the business models for CCC’s andUCC’s and data requirements identification (General Model Template).
  5. SWOT analysis for the implementation of CCC’s in each of the local pilots
  6. Definition of Business Models for each pilot site and for each scenario
  7. Summary and conclusions.


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