The future of City Logistics in Paris (F)

Paris wants to be a carbon-neutral city in 2050, thats recycles its waste, improves the water cycle, organises city logistics differently and has renewable energy resources. Achieving these goals engages Paris in a double revolution, both industrial and cultural. In this context, the Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme (Apur) made a first prospective atlas of the Great Urban Services of the Greater Paris Metropole.

This first atlas brings together analyses of logistics, water and sanitation, energy and waste (soon to be published). The Prospective Atlas of Large Urban Services of the Greater Paris Metropole gives a portrait of these services in their current state (volumes) or their recent evolutions, and presents the relevant trends. The report gives a good overview of the future of city logistics in the Greater Paris Metropole. The report is about building and sharing a new approach to these services that is more resource-conscious.

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A second volume will bring together the topics of digital networks, universities, health and cemeteries.

The report is only available in French.


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