City logistics in London: to hub, or not to hub. That’s the question!

London’s economic success relies on the safe and efficient delivery of goods and services. With positive engagement and collaboration, all stakeholders can all contribute to when and how freight operates, for the wider benefit of the city’s residents, businesses and visitors.

By consolidating delivery and servicing trips companies can help manage increasing levels of congestion whilst delivering significant safety, efficiency and environmental benefits.

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Transport for London has studied the range of techniques currently in place to help understand how each can be used, their benefits and potential barriers. The TfL-report focuses on the main findings and identifies areas where different consolidation solutions can be introduced in a cost-effective way. This report is complemented by 14 case studies (available on which show how the different solutions have been used and what potential there is for different solutions: e.g. urban consolidation centers, nominated carriers and joint procurement, click and collect, lockers, micro consolidation and upstream consolidation.

Source: Transport for London

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