London CRP has launched the Urban Logistics Hub Map

CRP has launched the Urban Logistics Hub Map, an online tool showcasing sites that could be potentially used for urban logistics. This tool has been developed from the 2020 study commissioned by the Central London Sub Regional Transport Partnership, which investigated the requirements that a logistics operator would need for a micro hub and the availability of underutilized space across central London.

CRP hopes that this tool will help create a more efficient, more sustainable environment for operators and local communities to experience less congestion and better air quality in central London.

Source: CRP

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  • In short: By adding a rail, cargo-parcel “Feeder” service, one can change the entire dynamic of distribution in urban environments. The positive “multiplier effects” can be massive. The “Feeder” concept contributes the advantages of line-balancing strategies, not available in any other logistics design. Low-cost, high-speed, transit points can be determined from far upstream, for optimal B2B replenishment & B2C/Postal demands, including non-motorized cold-chain. Note “Feeder” tests, not final design see: “VGF Flex Cargo Tram – Frankfurt” , Orion High Speed Logistics, UK, “Tram parcel deliveries begin in Schwerin.” others…….

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