Paris: the future of urban freight in Île-de-France

With their new paper “Logistics, vital function” (La logistique, fonction vitale), the French institute IAU wishes to sensitize the local actors of the future development in line with the overall regional objectives of “Île-de-France 2030“. 

With the changes in the economic system and customer behavior, logistics impacts urban development in all its components; in the city center as well as in the periphery. In a context of urbanisation and the limited space, the systematic consideration of logistics activity in urban and regional planning is crucial.

This paper (in French) presents the different forms of logistic activities and presents an overview of the situation in the Paris area. Examples of good practices show how logistical activities can be taken into account in the discussions and decisions of urban and regional planning. It is an interesting and inspiring paper for other metropolitan regions planning for logistics activities.

Download the paper here.

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