Pathways to sustainable transport among Norwegian crafts and service workers

The Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics performed a study of Norwegian crafts -and service companies (C&S) that have adopted electric utility vehicles (EUVs) and/or mobile management applications. The results show that MAs largely affects the travel patterns in the enterprises, but the potential to reduce the amount of travel is uncertain.

Analyses of driving patterns among a sample of C&S enterprises shows that a potential replacement of diesel vehicles with EUVs be relatively easily done for 37% of the vehicles, representing 13% of the total transport work.
An increase in the range of electric vehicles by 50%, or charging of the cars during the day, could increase the number of changeable vehicles to 64%. This would then result in a 41% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from all vehicles in the C&S sector.

Read the full report here.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.49.51

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