Five must read reports on city logistics from 2017

A lot of reports came out in 2017 on city logistics and last mile deliveries. What were our most favourite reports? The five ‘must reads’ for professionals.

The Annual Outlook City Logistics

The Annual Outlook Citylogistics (by the Topsector Logistiek and Connekt) combines data, assumptions and reasoning to elaborate likely paths forward per segment: a view, based on the Dutch situation, about how to achieve the various goals while taking all relevant factors into due account, including economic viability. Click here

McKinsey on the future of last mile logistics

To improve urban commercial transport, McKinsey identified solutions all along the delivery value chain. We evaluated each one for its financial value, social value, and feasibility. Of all the solutions McKinsey studied, two stand out: Urban consolidation centers (UCCs) and night deliveries shift traffic to off-peak hours. Click here

UPS: last mile e-commerce challenges require public-private collaboration

Few cities have sustainable urban freight plans. The majority of the UPS-GreenBiz survey respondents, 72%, reported a desire to work closely with city officials to address urban operating challenges. Businesses sited insufficient collaboration across sectors as the biggest barrier to more efficient and sustainable urban logistics, closely followed by a lack of critical infrastructure.
The study suggests that all parties benefit from involving multiple stakeholders from the public and private sectors in municipal decision-making. Failing to do so could cause a well-meaning municipal solution to have detrimental effects on the private sector. click here

Validating electric vehicles for city logistics

FREVUE’s deliverable 3.2 ‘Economics of EVs for City Logistics’ aims at answering the question: what are the conditions to get a feasible and successful business case for electric freight vehicles (EFVs) in city logistics. Click here for the full report

Everything you always wanted to know about cargo bikes…

The consortium of the Cyclelogistics Ahead project formed an interesting mix of cities, cycle delivery companies and consultancy companies in the field of mobility. This resulted in a bottom-up approach, which included practical implementations, realized by local government bodies and small enterprises. The report presents a great overview of everything you always wanted to know about cargo bikes. Click here.

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